Mail your list regularly! (Here’s Why)

Mail your list regularly! (Here’s Why)

How often do you talk to your friends?

Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? Several times a day?

Okay, now how often do you communicate with your list, whom you are
supposed to be cultivating a relationship with?

While your list (for the most part) won’t develop into your closest
friends, you still need to foster that relationship to the point where they
feel as if they know, like and trust you! This means communicating with
them, and probably more often than you might think.

Many people understand the importance of keeping in touch with their
subscribers, but are timid about mailing them often. This is the polar
opposite of how you should be thinking.

They opted in expressly to hear from you. Sure perhaps you had to give them
an ethical bribe to facilitate the transaction, but nevertheless, they have
agreed to hear what you have to say.

So that is why I believe if you can consistently offer new value to your
subscribers, it’s optimal to mail once a day during the week, and sometimes
on the weekend if it’s important – but very rarely more than once a day!

Most people feel as though mailing once per day is too much, certain that
they will be bothering their subscribers… That’s the wrong idea to have.

Of course, this is true if you don’t happen to deliver anything of value. If you
make delivering real value your mission, then you will shortly find that
not only will your subscribers be waiting for your next email, but
engagement and conversion with them will grow, and so will your list as
word gets around.

So please, don’t be shy… When you commit to bringing new value to your
subscribers regularly, they will be eager to hear from you!

Am I right? Let me know! 🙂


Michael Uhlich

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